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    Nakhon Phanom

    Nakhon Phanom

    The Province’s Own Description:  “City of Precious Phrathat Phanom, Various Cultures, Phu Thai Ethnic Group, Stunning Illuminated Boats, and Magnificent Mekong River Scenery”.

    The Short List:  NKP- as dubbed by the American GI for their bases during the Vietnam War era is located on the bank of the great Mekong River and the site of a longtime settlement of the Phu Thai people who still keep their ancient ways of life.

    Things Famous For:  The ceremony of offering cloths to express devotion and gratitude to various Phrathat is a favorite yearly ritual of visitors and residents of Nakhon Phanom. Phrathat Phanom in That Phanom district grants the wish of respect for person born in the year of monkey or on a Sunday; Phrathat Renu in Renu Nakorn district grants the wish of beauty to those born on a Monday; Phrathat Si Khun in Na Kae district grants wish of a strong mind for those born on a Tuesday; Phrathat Mahachai in Pla Pak district grants wish of prosperity in business to those born on a Wednesday; Phrathat Prasit in Na Wa district grants wish of success in workplace for those born on a Thursday; Phrathat Tha U-then in Tha U-then district grants wish of having a glorious life to those born on a Friday; Phrathat Nakorn in Mahathat Temple in Muang district grants wish of being a respectful leader to those born on a Saturday; Historical Travel at Ban Na Jok Village is a museum and exhibition on Thai-Vietnamese relationship; The Annual Illuminated Boat Procession Festival which is held around October or November. 

    Author: Sanida
    Date Added: February 25, 2011 03:10:47 AM
    Category: Northeastern Region: Nakhon Phanom