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    The Province’s Own Description:  “Land of the Brave Lord, Phraya Lae”.

    The Short List:  Chaiyaphum is located nearly in the center of the kingdom of Thailand.  The least visited of any province in the country.  It is so remote that even many Thais who usually know where things are can’t tell you where it is exactly or even whether it is in the North or Northeast region.  There are many Khmer style ruins in the province.  San Chao Pho Phraya Lae is the town’s holy spot, the place where the spirit of Phraya Lae resides.  It is the center of the spiritual worshiping for the town people.  Many make daily offerings of flowers, candles, and incents and it is the site for annual spiritual dances in May.  Chaiyaphum residents celebrate a weeklong festival in mid January to honor Chao Phraya Lae (Phraya Phakdichumphon) who lost his life in the battle with the Vientiane troops at the base of a tamarind tree in 1806.  The 12,778,287 sq km province has numerous cliffs, waterfalls, national parks for wildlife conservation, caves, and it is where Chi River originated.     

    Things Famous For:  Phraya Phakdichumphon Monument in the center of town; Tat Ton National Park which covers 217 sq km where there are Tat Ton waterfall, Tat Fah waterfall, and Pha Eang waterfall; Phu Laen Kha National Park is known for its natural trails, natural stone gateway (pratoo klong), 642m look-out spot, several flat cliff-like stone projections;  The Hydroelectric Power Production Project for the Northeastern region in Khon San district;  Thung Dok Krachiao or Krachiao Field (Zingiberaceae), the flowers bloom from June to August and its spiciness flavor makes Krachiao a delectable ingredient for Thai meal in Isaan style dishes, spicy and sour soup, or simply blanched and eat with spicy dips; Mudmee silk is pride of Baan Na Yang Klug in Thep Satit district.

    Author: Sanida
    Date Added: February 25, 2011 03:04:10 AM
    Category: Northeastern Region: Chaiyaphum